Leland & Sydney

Leland and Sydney met through their love of creating raw inspired food. Shortly after they began dating, they both decided to join forces by launching their own business. Both artists reveal a bit of their own creativity and personality in each product, hoping that the love they put into inventing these easily nutritious foods would inspire and encourage others who are on their own journey in healing and plant-based health. When they are not managing company aspects, they enjoy adventuring with their 3 children and puppy!



Lucas, a long-time family friend, joined the Rawk Star Creations team in a time of desperate expansion. He and his wife, Amber, thrive on a plant-based diet and were particularly inventive themselves in the kitchen. Lucas' creative mind began to expand the company's abilities to evolve into what it is today, and has since them become a co-owner alongside Leland and Sydney. Their friendship and passion for their community shines through in their food in each sip, spoonful and bite


Rawk Star Creations LLC first began as a licensed company in January 2014 under the name of Mantraw LLC. Its first product was the sparkling Kefir Soda, which came in three fantastic original flavors: Black Cherry, Guava and Green Apple.

Both founders, Leland and Sydney Harmell wanted to build a business that would not only be a vessel for their creativity, but would also allow them to do what they love with their time: serving their community with plant nutrition.

The Kefir Soda first hit stores in Olympia, WA where locals became quickly familiar with the probiotic fizzy drink. After expanding to several locations in Washington and Portland, the next product line was introduced…raw food! The launch of the Rawkin' BLT and Sage Garden Burger in 2015 was a quick hit, being that Rawk Star was one of the only raw food companies providing stores with on-the-go organic meals in the north-west region.

Though the label and name have changed, Rawk Star Creations continues to ferment it's kefir water naturally, without carbonation and with the same love it was founded from…check the bottle, it's the first ingredient!

“Our mission has been to ‘empower the health of all through simple creation’. We believe that by using locally farmed organic produce, and transforming them into visually stimulating, minimally processed and tasty products, we can serve our community the most honest food possible in a fast food world. ”